Single-Roll High Performance Ironers
14″x120″, 18″x120″, 24″x120″, 32″x120″, 48″x120″

Standard Features :

  • Loading of linen in the Front
  • Unloading in the Front or Rear
  • Frame of Rolled Steel Sections
  • Nomex Quality Ironing Belts
  • Hard-chrome cylinder
  • Adjustable speed
  • Frequency Invertor Driven


Automatic linen folding and stacking machine

Standard Features :

  • Up to 2 length folds
  • Up to 3 crossfolds
  • All cross folds timing belt driven for accurate folding
  • Easy access in cross fold section
  • Touch screen is self-programmable
  • to set for each piece the correct program
  • Available with spreading clips
  • USB stick connection for backup of settings