You’re maybe not Straight. You’re perhaps not Gay. You’re Not Bisexual Either.

A psychiatrist at nyc University whom studies sexuality that is human developed a really certain test to arrive at the base of how gay/straight/bi/queer everyone in fact is! It’s called the Flextuality test, plus in just a little under a quarter-hour you are able to finally identify your genuine sexual orientation for g d.

Just take the make sure you’ll observe that there’s fundamentally a variety of twelve intimate kinds, beginning with the “heteroflexibles” and also the “supersexuals” ending with all the final, really vanilla label of “straight.”

Here’s a breakdown that is brief

Heteroflexible You are ready to accept f ling around with someone of the identical intercourse, even yourself straight though you generally consider. Also called bi-curious, questioning, experimenting, or mostly right.

AKA Posts advertisements on Craigslist whenever their girlfriend is out of city “L master for no recip BJ/GF away from town.” Type this right into a Craigslist search screen to check out for yourselves!

Supersexual you have got a drive that is strong have an interest to locate brand new techniques to show your self sexually. You probably ch se the other intercourse, but sex is less crucial than opportunity. (more…)

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