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Section 7. Crimes of Smuggling, Trafficking, Transporting and Manufacturing Drugs

Article 347. Those that commit the crimes of smuggling, trafficking, transporting and manufacturing drugs, whatever the number of medications, will probably be examined due to their responsibility that is criminal and in accordance with the Criminal Law.

People who smuggle, traffic, transportation or make medications with one of many conditions that are following become penalized by 15 several years of fixed-term imprisonment, life imprisonment or death phrase, and, in addition, confiscation of these properties:

(1) Smuggling, trafficking, transporting or opium that is manufacturing a amount in excess of 1,000 grams [ke 0344], heroin with a number of a lot more than 50 grms or any other narcotics with a big quantify;

(2) The major leaders of criminal teams involved in smuggling, trafficking, transporting and manufacturing medications;

(3) those that utilize hands to full cover up smuggling, trafficking, transporting and drugs that are manufacturing

(4) people who utilize physical violence to resist examination, detention or arrest in serious situation; and


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