The reusable filter preserves indoor air quality without the need for expensive products. You will receive a cleaning alert that will help you wash the filter on time for optimal performance. Energy Star certified, the user can rest assured that this product adheres to energy consumption regulations. Further, the Ivation IVADH30PW has a user manual for safety auto-shutoff feature, as well as an auto-restart function. This means that the device will shut off when the water reservoir reaches capacity, and that the device will automatically restart in the case of a sudden power outage.

  • The unit also uses a washable filter, so you never have to worry about ordering filters to replace it when it gets dirty.
  • In our tests, the LG Puricare dehumidifier was able to reduce the humidity in our test lab by about 45% in a little more than 90 minutes, which is no joke.
  • The auto humidity control function recommends ideal RH levels by sensing the temperature and moisture level.

The Black+Decker BPACT10WT’s 10,000 BTU ASHRAE is well suited to small rooms up to about 250 square feet . At the high end, dehumidifier prices start at $500 and climb beyond $5,000.

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Pricing for the Honati Small Dehumidifier models generally starts around the $80 – $90 range. At The Highest Crop, we’ve decided to do all the hard work for you and looked at some of the best grow tent dehumidifiers out there, so sit back and relax and don’t let the humidity get you down.

The Hisense DH-35K1SCLE Energy Star dehumidifier offers two speeds and received good reviews. This unit would be suitable for someone who has a smaller space as the capacity size is upwards to 35 pints of moisture in a 24-hour period. The Frigidaire FFAP5033W1 High-Efficiency 50 Pint Dehumidifier has a built-in pump that sucks in a lot of water at once and drains it into a sink or window via an attached hose . Like some of the other Frigidaire humidifiers, it has a built-in humidistat that allows you to custom set the desired humidity levels. This unit comes equipped with continuous drain option so you dont have to worry about emptying the water bucket and a number of innovative features.

#7 Santa Fe Compact 2 Whole House Dehumidifier

This unit collects moisture from the air and stores it safely in a spill-proof tank. It has an LED light which indicates when the tank is getting full and also automatically shuts off. Like many similar products on the market, it uses whisper technology.

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It is designed to continue removing moisture from the air in temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit. You can maintain this dehumidifier by simply rinsing the filter under a faucet. Additionally, because the filter is reusable, you do not need to spend any money on replacement filters.