A Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves Motion Flick? ‘I’m A Look Into It,’ Says Theron

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Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron have got came out onscreen together 2 times — into the terrible love dessert November, as well as the marvelously bananas Devil’s recommend. But provided his or her mid-career explosions as motion movie stars, precisely what several enthusiasts really want is designed for these to fulfill onscreen in a grown-up actions motion picture in vein of Theron’s Atomic Blonde or Reeves’ John Wick collection, which simply a announced designs for a John Wick 5.

Just think: Furiosa vs. Johnny Utah! John Wick vs. Lorraine Broughton (Theron’s Atomic girl character)! Or Andy—Theron’s undying dynamics in newer Netflix production outdated Guard—vs. Neo! Fireworks! Exclamation guidelines! You can get the thought. Essentially, they could synergy, like John Wick did with Halle Berry’s assassin Sofia in John Wick 3. perhaps in John Wick 4? Or John Wick 5?

The masses—or about me personally and an interviewer from The Hollywood Reporter—think a Theron-Reeves activity movie is a great idea. THR questioned Theron in the event it would take place in a job interview with Theron towards Old shield, and acquired the traditional, tell-me-when-and-where-and-I’ll-be-there impulse.

“Listen, after I get the phone call, I’ll be around,” Theron advised THR. “They just need to let me know just where, if and I’ll show. Keanu is among one of our a lot of best people in the whole of the wide world today; we completely enjoy him. I have respect for your, I respect him or her I am also very thankful that I got to build two motion pictures with him. We both sorts of find ourselves in this particular brand-new point of our job, and so most of Atomic girl ended up being affected by John Wick. Very, whenever we will get those two people to generally meet in a timeline that produces feel, I’m everything about it.”

If a John Wick flick with Charlize Theron had been to occur, it might should get underway soon, since Lionsgate President John Feltheimer established this week that John Wick 4 and 5 can be shooting concurrently, making use of firstly the movies most likely to premiere in-may 2022.

It’s intriguing that Theron imagines the venture as a borrowing between Atomic apex price Blonde and John Wick, because that might be the toughest crossover to pull down: and just wild while she records, the timelines of the two movies dont easily relate.

Atomic girl were held in 1989, and also the John Wick flicks come about in our time. Theron might need to ageing all the way up or Reeves would need to age along. Perhaps they can fix the movie around 2005 and meet in the middle?

One connect between your two motion pictures is actually David Leitch, whom focused Atomic Blonde and it’s a creator to the John Wick movies. (Leitch told the movie step that when he additionally co-directed 1st John Wick, this individual didn’t get a credit because of DGA problem.)

Another commonality: Theron and Reeves accustomed engage in their unique battling means at the same exercise. Extraction manager Sam Hargrave, who was simply Theron’s stunt coordinator on Atomic girl, instructed UNITED STATE now at the premier belonging to the 2017 movies that Theron and Reeves would train at the same venue while she had been readying for Atomic girl and Reeves was actually preparing for John Wick 2.

“Charlize would review, and Keanu would check out, and they’d practice a bit more harder to press themselves,” Hargrave believed.

So… you expected Hargrave, because the audience is a 12-year-old son, looking at the shoulders of another 12-year-old child, acting is a grown-up pictures reporter: Can Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, and removal star Chris Hemsworth truly fight?

“Now, the best thing about movies are, you are aware, the battles are prepared for the heroes to winnings. Hence, and that means you understand that it does not matter her talent, the fight’s gonna go down exactly how we designed they to,” Hargrave taught usa. “But yes, Keanu Reeves, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize — they spend a great deal amount of time in the training. I’d not need being a person that incorrectly attempted to, you know, simply take anything from their website in a dark alleyway.”

In any event, the Theron-Reeves actions team-up is arriving along very easily in thoughts, whether Hollywood is focusing on they or maybe not. They might form teams against Hemsworth, who, finally, happens to be a great man, in addition they all look for a typical opposing forces: how about Al Pacino’s individual from Devil’s recommend? We’re only spitballing below. Leitch or Hargrave could lead. It will probably be fantastic either way.

The ancient protect, featuring Charlize Theron, happens to be online streaming on Netflix.